Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sketchbook Cover Evolution

I've seen a notebook on gramedia, paperclip, or other book store. Which is covered with random image from tumblr & weheartit, and I think it's a great idea and make the note book seems cute:3 

But, there's no sketch book with awesome cover like that:( I just found sketchbook with sketch, paint, pencil, and eraser pict or sumthin' like that on the cover (of course because it's sketchbook nis, not a magazine-_-) So I made my own sketch book cover at home yihaaaa~.~


 Haha. Not perfect like the notebook's cover I've seen, but it's better than the old cover, right? B)
Semoga isi didalem nya juga jadi lebih bagus deh yaa! amin huahahaha(?)

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